Inauguration of First National IP Operation Alliance Held in Beijing

China Intellectual Property Development Alliance (CIPDA), the first IP operation alliance at a national level in China, was established in Beijing on 1 December 2017. The alliance was initiated by State Intellectual Property Operation Public Service Platform (SIPOP) with the approval of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO).
At the inauguration of the alliance, SIPO deputy commissioner Mr. He Hua performed the plague unveiling for CIPDA and delivered a speech, in which he stressed that the potential economic value of patents in China is enormous – given that both the valid invention patents owned by domestic patentees and yearly filings of invention patent applications with SIPO have both exceeded 1 million – would not be fully realised without active, strategic operation of the IP assets. He further added that in order to achieve substantial advancement in IP operation, efforts should be focused on three fundamental aspects, namely, top-level design and policy coordination; capacity enhancement and talent cultivation; and fostering of hubs construction.
And SIPOP executive Mr. Zhang Dongliang pointed out that the objective of CIPDA is to forge an IP operation ecosystem and create a favorable, synergetic environment for IP protection and utilisation in accordance with relevant directives of the State Council of China. The alliance, according to him, is to play a steering role in finding a mode of development for patent operation that is commensurate with China's specific circumstances so that innovative entities are tied up with the market and more funding can be directed to innovation-related activities, thereby realising the conversion of innovation work into products and productivity.
CIPDA now has 116 members, who, representing a broad coverage of resources for IP operation, include enterprises, colleges, and research institutes such as China Railway Construction Corporation, BYD, Sany Heavy Industry, Beijing Jiaotong University, and Nanjing University of Science and Technology, as well as investment institutions, asset appraisal firms, and operation service agencies.