SIPO Publishes Catalogue of Prioritised IP-Supported Industries 

The State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) has recently published the Catalogue of Prioritised Intellectual Property-Supported Industries (2018 edition). The catalogue specifies 10 industries and 62 sub-industries that are IP-reliant and prioritised as key areas in national development, to thereby foster industrial transformation and innovation through providing focus and direction for departments and agencies at various levels as well as market entities in allocation and deployment of IP resources.
The 10 industries featured in the 2018 catalogue are: 1) modern agriculture; 2) next generation information technology; 3) intelligent manufacturing; 4) new materials; 5) clean energy and eco-environmental protection; 6) modern transport technology and equipment; 7) advanced marine & space technology; 8) advanced biotechnology; 9) health; and 10) culture.
The mentioned industries were identified on the basis of China's national directives including Outline of the National Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development, Outline of the National Informatisation Development Strategy, the 13th Five-year Plan on National Scientific and Technological Innovation, Made in China 2025, the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Development of Strategic Emerging Industries, the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Tourism Industry, and Outline of Healthy China 2030 Plan.