Beijing IP Judicial Protection Association Convenes Inaugural Meeting 

On 16 May 2018, the inaugural meeting of Beijing Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Association (北京知识产权司法保护研究会) was convened in Beijing Higher People's Court (BHPC), which is the supervising authority of the association. Concurrently held was a forum with a theme on enhancing intellectual property (IP) adjudication and fostering innovation.

According to its newly elected chairman Mr. Wang Mingda, the association is a non-profit organisation formed to better the Chinese IP litigation and trial systems, strengthen researches on institutional development of the Chinese IP courts, and bring to full play the leading role of court adjudication in IP protection.

BHPC president Mr. Yang Wanming also spoke at the meeting. He pointed out that the association will work in line with the innovation-driven development national strategy and foster its implementation in Beijing, by means of academic researches, advisory services, and training seminars to enhance case analysis and dispute resolution capacity of the sector and to provide enterprises with advice on IP deployment and risk mitigation.  

The association now has 182 members, comprising 178 individual members and 4 unit members.