CPA Football Team Engages in Inclusive Volunteer Programme

On 14 July 2018, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA)'s football team took part in a match of friendship at the invitation of Fu Hong Society (FHS), a local non-profit organisation committed to facilitating the re-integration of people with intellectual or psychiatric disabilities into society.
The FHS team comprised rehabilitated persons from the southern district of the Hong Kong SAR. Although the match was preceded by rain coming down really hard, with heaven's blessings that moderated the heavy rain to a slight drizzle right at the kick-off, the teams concluded the game, embracing community spirit over competition, and reaping memories of the fun of the sport.
Looking back, the rain was really a blessing in disguise. As noted in the thank-you letter from FHS, CPA football team' insistence on getting to the field amidst the downpour meant a lot to the FHS team members, who could feel care and respect from our colleagues simply by their show-up; moreover, the advent of sunshine through the heavy rain during the match was a telling revelation to the rehabilitated members that hope can be around the corner despite setback in life.