CPA Attorneys Attend BPAA Training on Patent Reexamination Invalidation

In the afternoon of 18 October 2018, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) patent attorneys attended a training session organised by Beijing Patent Attorneys Association (BPAA) at CPA Beijing office. Ms. Li Yingqi, deputy director of Appeals Division (Pharmaceutical and Biology) of Patent Reexamination Board under China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), was invited to speak on issues related to patent invalidation. More than two hundred patent attorneys and engineers from CPA's Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai offices took part in the training in person or via teleconference.
The lecture lasted two and a half hours, during which Ms. Li focused on the procedural and substantive issues relating to patent invalidation proceedings. She started with some cases she has personally handled, and inspired the participants to think by raising questions related to the cases. She then made use of a flow chart to explain the elements of patent invalidation proceedings, drawing the attendees' attention to certain specific characteristics and examination principles of invalidation proceedings, as well as expounding on the formality examination and collegial trial thereof. Finally, Ms. Li analysed issues related to invalidation requests involving utility model patents, and the handling of double patenting in invalidation proceedings.
With clear explanation of issues related to invalidation proceedings from the perspective of an examiner in combination with case illustrations, Ms. Li's lecture was well-received by our patent attorneys and engineers. Along with the previous two lectures on the themes of "inventive step assessment in patent examination" and "drafting applications for mechanical and electronics & electrical patents" respectively, this lecture concluded the BPAA series of practical skill enhancement training for CPA's patent professionals.