CNIPA Releases China's Patent, Trademark & GI Statistics for First Quarter of 2019  

China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has recently released China's intellectual property statistics in the areas of patent, trademark, geographical indication (GI), and integrated circuit (IC) layout design for the first quarter of 2019.    
In terms of patent, CNIPA accepted 341,000 applications for invention patent, 503,000 for utility patent, and 157,000 for design patent; and granted 116,000 invention patents, 375,000 utility patents, and 119,000 design patents between January and March 2019. During the period, 11,000 PCT international applications were accepted by CNIPA, of which 10,000 were filed by domestic applicants.
For trademark, CNIPA accepted 1,552,000 applications for trademark registration and 1,285 applications for international trademark registration under the Madrid system, as well as registered 1,814,000 trademarks between January and March 2019.
CNIPA also approved registration of 134 GI trademarks, as well as accepted 1,306 applications and issued 1,011 certificates for registration of IC layout design during the period.