The 15th China (Wuxi) International Design Expo Exhibits Smart Industrial Designs from Home & Abroad

On 25-27 May 2019, the 15th China (Wuxi) International Design Expo was held in Wuxi in eastern China. China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) commissioner Mr. Shen Changyu, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) deputy director general Ms. Wang Binying, and officials from Ministry of Science and Technology and other relevant authorities attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
Commissioner Shen stated in his speech that CNIPA has been putting great efforts into fostering the creation and exploitation of industrial designs, strengthening the protection for industrial designs, and pushing the sector toward the development of high quality designs. He also disclosed that CNIPA was negotiating with WIPO over China's entry into the Hague System for International Design Registrations, in order to provide domestic enterprises with an effective channel for international design protection by a single application.
The expo, with a theme of "new design, new intellectual creation, new life", attracted 134 domestic and foreign exhibitors from reputed enterprises, academic establishments, and industry associations to exhibit their latest smart industrial designs in aspects of daily life, transport, leisure, and entertainment. Also conducted during the occasion were the awards presentation ceremony for the 8th Taihu Award Design Competition as well as forums on topics including industrial design protection and application of new technology to future designs.