CPA Reaps Honours of Excellent Trademark Firm, Excellent Trademark Case & Trademark Agency Service Individual Award during China Trademark Festival 2019


China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) deputy general manager Mr. Luo Hong recently led a five-member delegation to attend the China Trademark Festival 2019 (CTF), which took place in Yinchuan, China on 5-8 July 2019.
During the trademark festival, a number of trademark awards were announced, and we are glad to report that CPA was once again named an "Excellent Trademark Firm" this year; moreover, a trademark administrative case handled by our firm on reexamination of the revocation of mark FELIPE RUTINI was recognised as an "Excellent Trademark Case 2018-2019". In addition, four CPA attorneys were among the first-batch awardees of "Gold Medal Trademark Agency Service Individual Award".
This year's CTF, with a theme of “Strengthening Trademarks & Brands Protection; Building a New Path of Innovation and Development", brought together 2,000-plus participants from home and abroad, including government officials, IP experts and academics, and representatives from trademark agencies, enterprises, and IP organizations, sharing experience and exchanging ideas and information at the annual conference, the main forum and sub-forums, and China Brand Exposition held during the trademark festival.