Professor from Renmin University of China Gives Lecture at CPA Headquarters


On 17 July 2019, Dr. Zhang Guangliang, professor from Renmin University of China Law School and director of Institute for International Intellectual Property, visited China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA)'s headquarters in Hong Kong and gave a lecture on some issues related to China's patent invalidation system. The lecture was moderated by CPA deputy general manager Mr. Wu Yuhe. Apart from our headquarters, patent attorneys from our Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen offices also participated, via teleconference, in the lecture.
Dr. Zhang started his lecture with discussion about the necessity for the patent invalidity defence mechanism and the specifics of its system design, with a focus on issues related to existing rules and suspension procedures of current patent-related judicial litigation in China and by referring to the latest judicial practice including the "Bai Wanqing Case". Dr. Zhang also analysed China's present situation of judicial and administrative review and mentioned some possible future system design for the optimisation of its patent invalidation system. He further pointed out that an ideal design of the system called for a balance between efficiency and fairness, attaching importance to the protection of the rightholder's interest on the one hand and maintenance of the room for innovation on the other hand.
Dr. Zhang's lecture combined theoretical depth and insight from practical experience, inspiring our attorneys with fresh and broader perspectives in seeing and dealing with relevant issues, which is surely beneficial to the enhancement of their core capabilities in handling of cases.