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SPC Invites Public Comments on Draft Judicial Interpretations Relating to Evidence in IP Civil Litigation & Increasing Sanctions for IP Infringement (17 June 2020) 
SPC & SPP Invite Public Comments on Draft Judicial Interpretation Relating to Handling Criminal Cases of IP Infringement (17 June 2020) 
SPC Invites Public Comments on Three Draft Judicial Interpretations Relating to Trade Secret Infringement, Internet IP Infringement & E-Commerce Platform IP Disputes (15 June 2020) 
China to Implement its First Civil Code in 2021, 52 Articles IP-Related (29 May 2020) 
CNIPA Launches Online National IPR Aid Platform (25 May 2020) 
Small/Micro Entities May Seek Prioritised Examination for COVID-19 Technology Patent Applications at USPTO Starting July 2020 (22 May 2020) 
USPTO Unveils IP Marketplace Platform "Patents 4 Partnerships" (11 May 2020) 
Supreme People's Court Publishes Summary of its Annual Report on IP Cases Accepted & Concluded in 2019 (24 April 2020) 
National IP Publicity Week 2020 Kicks Off on Cloud (20 April 2020) 
China Becomes Top Filer of PCT International Patent Applications (7 April 2020) 
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