CPA Attends LESI 2010 Conference

The LESI 2010 Conference was held in Sandton, South Africa, on 12th to 14th of April, 2010. Mr. LI Yong, CPA General Manager and also Vice Chairman of the Chinese Group of LES, attended the conference with the accompany of three other CPA attorneys.
Focusing on the theme of Collaborative Innovation-The Role and Impact of Emerging Economies, the LESI 2010 Conference attracted more than 200 IP professionals from over 50 countries and regions. Participants shared information and made in-depth exchanges of views over a wide range of topics covering protection of patents, trademarks and trade secrets, IPR infringement, licensing and assignment.
Among all the inspiring programs at the conference, Mr. David Gill’s speech entitled The 2010 Soccer World Cup and Collaborative Licensing Opportunities in Major Events was especially worth mentioning. With South Africa being the host of the approaching 2010 World Cup, the topic presented by Mr. Gill, a legal advisor of FIFA himself, drew a full house of passionate audience.  
On 14 April, 2010, Mr. Li Yong hosted a workshop on How to Maximize IP Business in China. The speakers elaborated on the recent changes of the Chinese patent laws and practices, issues relating to license contracts and the protection of trade secrets in China. Ms. Lu Yuemin, senior trademark attorney of CPA, delivered a speech on Protection of Three-Dimensional Trademarks from the Perspective of Trademark, Copyright and Design Laws, which offered an attractive and fresh perspective of the issue.