Institute for International Intellectual Property of Peking University Established

On 17 December 2008, the Unveiling Ceremony was held at Peking University marking the joint establishment of the Institute for International Intellectual Property of Peking University (IIPP) by the Peking University and the US Asian-Pacific Law Institute
The IIPP will offer its academic programs in an interdisciplinary and inter-regional fashion, and seek cooperation with international intellectual property organisations, regional organisations, government agencies, academic societies or institutions, and the industry with a view to developing into a base for training high-level IP professional for the nation and a world first-class academic IP institute.
The academic team of the IIPP consists of world first-class IP experts, and its daily operation covers academic research, international academic exchange and cooperation, provision of educational or academic and training programs and professional consultation.
At the Symposium following the Ceremony, experts had heated discussion on the sole topic of “Intellectual Property: Opportunity and Challenges in the New Economic Era. Among the almost 300 people present at the Symposium were Chinese and foreign experts, scholars, government officials and representatives from the industry.