All-China Patent Attorneys Association marked
its 20th Anniversary  (1988-2008)
The All-China Patent Attorneys Association held a meeting of celebration on 18 December 2008 in Beijing to mark its 20th anniversary. The event was attended by more than 200 representatives from the IP authorities of the Central and local Governments, patent agencies, and other associations and societies. SIPO Commissioner Tian Lipu and China Copyright Association President Shen Rengan made speeches, speaking highly of what the Association has achieved for the 20 years since its establishment. Shen Rengan also recalled Late Liu Gushu, President of the first and second terms of the Association and the important contribution he made to the creation and growth of the Association. At the following rewarding ceremony for issuing the Certificates of Honour and Excellent Theses Award to patent attorneys, the Association President Ma Lianyuan presented the Certificate of Honour to the representatives of senior patent attorneys and the Excellent Theses Award to the winners. Altogether over 600 patent attorneys were received the honour and the authors of 30 papers were won the Award.
At the symposium held the following day, representatives of the Excellent Theses Award laureates made presentation on the subject of their research, and discussed a wide range of issues with the participants.
The All-China Patent Attorneys Association was established on 12 December 1998, and now has had 706 organisational members, and 5,700 members of individual IP practitioners or professionals.