Mr. LIU Chunyuan
Patent Attorney


Mr. Liu received his B.S. in Industrial Electrical Automation from Shanghai Tongji University in 1996. He then worked for the Design Institute of Ministry of Informational Industry, engaged in electrical design. Mr. Liu joined CPA in 2000, and qualified as a patent attorney in 2004. He received further training in European patent law and practice in a law firm in Germany in 2004 and 2006, respectively. Mr. Liu is skillful in drafting application documents in the fields, such as autocontrol, telecommunications and electronic circuit, and also experienced in preparing responses to office actions in the substantive examination proceedings, and handling reexamination and invalidation cases. Mr. Liu speaks fluent German and is good at handling patent cases in German. He can provide clients with comprehensive consultation on IPRs protection and strategy. He is a member of All-China Patent Agents Association. Working languages: Chinese, German and English.