Mr. ZHU Tiehong
Patent Attorney

Mr. Zhu received, from Central South University of Technology, his B.S. in Mechanical Design and Manufacture in 1999, and from Fuzhou University, his M.S. in Mechanical Design and Theory in 2002. After graduation, he worked in the Research & Development Center of Ninestar Technology Co., Ltd of Zhuhai as a development engineer. Two years later, he started his IP career with Print-Rite Technology Development Co., Ltd of Zhuhai, and qualified as a patent attorney in 2006. Mr. Zhu joined CPA in 2008. He is experienced in drafting and prosecuting patent applications documents in various fields of machinery device, machinery processing, printing consumable such as ink cartridge, toner cartridge etc., in analyzing and designing around relating patent technologies, in handling reexamination and invalidation cases, and in dealing with relevant administrative litigation concerning patents. He is a member of All-China Patent Agents Association. Working languages: Chinese and English.