Ms. DUAN Julan
Patent Attorney, Attorney-at-law

Ms. Duan received, from Donghua University (former China Textile University), her B.S. in 1997, M.S. in 2000, and Ph.D. in 2009, in Polymer Materials and Material Science. She was qualified as a patent attorney in 2009, and has been admitted to practice law since 2010.

Ms. Duan joined CPA in 2011. Before joining CPA, she worked in a large state-owned enterprise as a research engineer from 2000 to 2005, conducting research work on Polymer synthesis and new technology of fiber processing. Her research projects related to fiber-enhanced materials, Lyocell fibers, optical fiber, development of new polymer materials, etc. She filed a number of patent applications as an inventor, 8 of which were granted. From 2008 to 2011, she worked as a patent attorney at an IP firm in Shanghai.

Ms. Duan received further training in the U.S. patent laws in the United States in 2014, and was accredited to a Germany chemical company as a patent counsel in 2017. Ms. Duan is skillful in drafting patent application documents in such fields as polymer, petrochemical engineering, inorganic material, organic synthesis and chemical machinery, and preparing responses to office actions in the substantive examination proceedings, handling reexamination and invalidation cases, and providing patent infringement and validity analysis in the above fields. She has rich experience in patent application drafting, FTO search and analysis, and lawsuits. She is a member of All-China Patent Agents Association.

Working languages: Chinese and English.