Ms. ZHOU Rong
Patent Attorney


Ms. Zhou received her B.S. in 2001 and M.S. in 2004 in Biochemical Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology. Her research focuses on preparation of chiral agrochemical intermediates by lipase-catalyzed transesterification in organic medium. She published several academic papers in English in foreign professional journals. Ms. Zhou was qualified as a patent attorney in 2011.

Ms. Zhou joined CPA in 2012. Before joining CPA, she worked as a researcher in a biochemical company, specializing in the field of peptide analysis and purification and synthesis of refine chemicals, including exploration of the HPLC analysis condition of and optimization of preparative HPLC purification process of solid-phase synthesized peptide, maintenance of HPLC instruments, etc.

She is skillful in translating and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, downstream biotechnology, including organic synthesis; chiral resolution; enzyme catalysis; fermentation; separation and purification of biotechnical products; high performance liquid chromatography, and experienced in preparing responses to office actions in the substantive examination proceedings and handling reexamination cases.

Working languages: Chinese and English.