Mr. YANG Zhong
Patent Attorney

Mr. Yang received, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, his PH.D in Control Theory and Control Engineering in 2009. During his studies, he engaged in several industrial process control projects, including transformer detection, roving machine control, alpha magnetic spectrometer ground supporting and cooling system control etc. All of the above mentioned studies gave him deep understandings in control, modeling and optimization of industrial objects. He also published several research theses in domestic and overseas academic periodicals. After graduation, Mr. Yang designed main controller of wind turbine and SCADA system of wind farm control center in Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment co. Mr. Yang joined CPA in June 2011, and qualified as a patent attorney in 2014. Mr. Yang's practice areas mainly include wind turbine, compressor, boiler, electromechanical system and communication system, etc. Working Languages: Chinese and English.