Mr. John C. SHAO
Patent Attorney

Mr. Shao received his B.S. in Chemistry from Nankai University in 2004. He furthered his chemistry study in Germany and received Chemistry Diplom degree in 2007 from Julius-Maximilians-Würzburg University, Germany. After that, he joined Prof. Dr. Frank Würthner’s group at the Center of Nanosystems Chemistry (Würzburg, Germany) and engaged in Supramolecular Chemistry / Organic Photoelectric Materials research, and received his Ph.D. His research results have been published in Chemistry-A European Journal as a cover paper (also a VIP paper) as well as in Angewandte Chemie. He joined CPA in 2013 and was qualified as patent attorney in the same year. In 2016,he received a three-month training on European patent law and practice in Germany. Mr. Shao is experienced in preparing patent application documents, making responses to the office actions, handling reexamination and invalidation cases, and specialized in the fields such as organic synthesis, polymer materials, new energy materials, catalyst materials, lithium battery materials, etc. Working languages: Chinese, English and German.