Ms. FENG Xiayu

Patent Engineer

Ms. Feng earned her Bachelor's Degree of Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Southeast University in 2016, and the Master’s Degree of Science in Nanotechnology from University College London in 2017. Her research areas involve Signals & Systems, Sensor & Detecting Technology, Semiconductor Physics, Physical Science for Nanotechnology, Nanoscale Processing and Characterisation for Advanced Devices, Nanoelectronic Devices, Molecular Biophysics, Plastic and Molecular Electronics, etc. For her graduate project, Xiayu researched and fabricated a potential Josephson junction structure using 2D material such as graphene and superconductor material such as NbSe2.

Xiayu joined CPA in November 2017. She is skillful in drafting patent documents, responding to the Office Actions, the patent reexamination, and patent infringement analyses in the field of communication and electronic devices, including semiconductor devices; fabrication methods; digital and analog circuits; telecommunications and digital signal processing.

Working languages: Chinese and English.