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Chambers & Partners Ranks CPA a Top Tier IP Firm in China (30 November 2018) 
CPA on the List of IPRdaily's 2018 Top 10 Chinese Patent Agencies (21 November 2018) 
Three Delegations of EPO Examiners Visit CPA Beijing & Shenzhen Offices (22 October 2018) 
CPA Attorneys Attend BPAA Training on Patent Reexamination Invalidation (19 October 2018) 
CPA Placed First in IPRdaily's Top 100 Chinese Patent Firm Ranking 2013-2018 (26 September 2018) 
CPA Staff Association Brings Together HK & Shenzhen Office Teams to Play Friendly Football Match (26 September 2018) 
CPA Deputy General Manager & Shanghai Office Director Take Part in International IP Business 2018 Forum (21 September 2018) 
CPA Named a First-Batch Awardee of "Exemplary Trademark Agencies (2018-2021)" in 2018 China Trademark Festival (17 September 2018) 
CPA Staff Bring Home the Honour of Champion Chef in HKCEA Cooking Competition (11 September 2018) 
CPA Patent Attorneys & Engineers Receive BPAA Training on Issues Related to Inventive Step Examination (3 September 2018) 
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