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Workshop on Hot IP Issues Held in Beijing (4 September 2017) 
SAIC Vice Minister Briefs on Trademark-Related Statistics at China Trademark Festival 2017 (4 September 2017) 
Chinese IP Courts Conclude over 30,000 Cases since Inception in 2014 (31 August 2017) 
China Rises to 17th in CASTED National Innovation Index (23 August 2017) 
SIPO Briefs on IP5+ID5 Collaboration Projects in Beijing & Shenzhen (18 August 2017) 
Tsinghua Patent Law Forum 2017 on Typical IP Cases Held in Beijing (4 July 2017) 
International Symposium on Geographical Indications 2017 Held in China (3 July 2017) 
Mainland China & Hong Kong SAR Sign IP Cooperation Arrangement (30 June 2017) 
Chinese-Egyptian PPH Pilot Programme to Commence 1 July 2017 (27 June 2017) 
The 2017 Global Innovation Index Forum Held in Beijing (26 June 2017) 
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