China Written Works Copyright Society Launches Lawsuits Against Academic Plagiarism 

China Written Works Copyright Society has launched lawsuits against individuals and entities infringing its members’ copyrighted interest in academic papers on a national scale, in its efforts to combat academic dishonesty, protect legitimate rights and interest of its members, and raise public awareness of copyright protection.  
Since 2011, the Society accepted more than a thousand complaints annually from its members concerning academic plagiarism and infringement, and has successfully protected over 600 members' rights and interest. To step up the momentum on rights protection, the Society has started bringing to court cases where infringing acts were denied.
Currently, evidence collection and notarial work for the cases have been completed. Among them, five cases in Beijing and nine in Tianjin were docketed, whereas docketing of more than thirty in Chinese cities including Shijiazhuang, Tangshan and Hangzhou is in progress.