CPA Beijing Office Holds New Staff Orientation Program 2013

On 16-17 November 2013, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) Beijing office held its 2013 new staff orientation program in the suburb of Beijing. Participating in the program were the firm's leadership, including general manager Mr. Li Yong, deputy general manager Ms. Tina Tai, as well as Beijing office director Mr. Kong Zhiqiang, deputy director Mr. Wu Yuhe, and department managers.
The orientation program briefed Beijing office's new recruits of the year, totaling 33, on the firm's history and culture, familiarised them with work requirements, roles and responsibilities, professional ethics, and informed them on major rules and regulations of the firm. A special guest Ms. Zhao Lili, who was CPA Beijing office deputy director before retirement, was present to speak on the historical development of the office and shared some anecdotes with the newly on board.
For the new staff members, a time slot was arranged for them to make a short presentation individually, of anything they wanted to share with their fellow colleagues, such as their gains from the training, impressions of the firm, and career expectations.
Although the program lasted only two days, it proved to be very useful and effective in helping the new staff understand the firm, fit into their roles and positions, and plan their career path.