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Patents (China) [Q34]
Patents (Hong Kong SAR) [Q4]
Trademarks (China) [Q35]
Trademarks (Hong Kong SAR) [Q10]
Legal Protection of IPR in China

Patents (China) [Q34]

What types of patents are provided under the current Chinese Patent Law?   Answer
What language must be used for a patent application in China?   Answer
Is the Chinese translation of priority documents required?   Answer
Is it possible to apply for both a patent for invention and a patent for utility model in respect of the same subject matter?   Answer
What invention-creations are unpatentable in China?   Answer
What documents are necessary for filing a patent application in China?   Answer
What requirements need to be satisfied for a patent application in relation to biological material?   Answer
Will it still be possible for the applicant to have a PCT application entered into the national phase in China if the 30-month time limit prescribed under Article 22 or 39(1) of the Patent Cooperation Treaty has been expired?   Answer
What is the requirement for filing in a foreign country a patent application for the invention made in China?   Answer
Is there any grace period for the public disclosure prior to the filing?   Answer
What novelty standard does China adopt?   Answer
Does the applicant's own prior application constitute a conflicting application for his subsequent application?   Answer
Can a PCT application enter into Chinese national phase as a utility model application?   Answer
Can multiple designs be filed in one design application?   Answer
Is a brief description of the design necessary for filing a design patent application?   Answer
When is a Chinese patent application published by the Chinese Patent Office?   Answer
How to initiate the substantive examination procedure for a patent application for invention?   Answer
May an applicant request the Chinese Patent Office to expedite the examination of an application?   Answer
When can amendments be made to the description, the claims and the drawings?   Answer
When may a divisional application be filed?   Answer
What action should be taken after receiving the rejection decision from the Chinese Patent Office in order to continue the rejected application?   Answer
Can a third party submit observations against a Chinese patent application?   Answer
How to request for invalidation of a Chinese patent?   Answer
What shall the applicant do after the issuance of a notification of grant?   Answer
Is a patent term extendable?   Answer
Is an assignment of a Chinese patent/application right required to be registered with the Chinese Patent Office?   Answer
Is a license contract for exploitation of the patent required to be recorded with the Chinese Patent Office?   Answer
Is the official fee paid to the Chinese Patent Office refundable?   Answer
What if the payment of annuity is missed?   Answer
Is there any special requirement for enforcing a utility model or design patent in China?   Answer
What is an evaluation report system for design and utility model patents?   Answer
Can new plant variety be protected?   Answer
Can pharmaceuticals be protected by administrative protection of pharmaceuticals?   Answer
Can a Chinese patent be automatically extended to Hong Kong or Macau?   Answer
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