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Legal Protection of IPR in China

Trademarks (China) [Q35]

In General (Q1-Q3)
Registration (Q4-Q13)
Renewal (Q14-Q15)
Assignment (Q16-Q17)
Change of Name/Address & license recordal (Q18-Q24)
Opposition (Q25-Q30)
Search (Q31-Q32)
Disputes and Cancellation (Q33-Q35)

In General (Q1-Q3)

Who are qualified foreign applicants for trademark (hereinafter referring to mark in respect of goods and/or services) registrations in China?   Answer
Is a foreign applicant required to entrust a local Chinese agency to proceed with trademark-related matters before the Chinese Trademark Office (hereinafter referred to as TMO)?   Answer
Is a Power of Attorney required to be notarized or legalized?   Answer
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