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Trademarks (Hong Kong SAR) [Q10]
Legal Protection of IPR in China

Trademarks (Hong Kong SAR) [Q10]

What is a trademark?   Answer
If I file an application for registration in Chinese, can the certificate of registration be in English?   Answer
How do I classify my goods and services?   Answer
How long does a whole trademark application process take?   Answer
If I claim a colour or colours, do I need to state the particular colour in the claim? Can I simply put "the colour as shown in the representation"?   Answer
When and how can I file an application and claim Convention priority filing date in Hong Kong?   Answer
Do I need to file Convention priority documents?   Answer
When will I know that my application for registration has been given a filing date?   Answer
What are the procedures after an application for registration is filed?   Answer
Can I use the ® with my registered trademark?   Answer
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