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Service scope

Ÿ   General trademark-related consultation

Ÿ   Pre-application search and registrability study

Ÿ   Trademark search, watch and advertising

Ÿ   Trademark registration application and renewal

Ÿ   Trademark opposition, review and adjudication, and administrative litigation

Ÿ   Trademark licensing and assignment

Ÿ   Trademark infringement-related litigation, administrative action, and relevant legal affairs

Ÿ   Customs recordation of trademark

Ÿ   Trademark and brand strategy consultation

Ÿ   Miscellaneous trademark-related legal services


Service team

CPA's trademark team operates from its Hong Kong headquarters and Beijing office, under the respective trademark departments thereof, as well as from its offices in the United States, Germany, and Japan. The team comprises about 40 trademark attorneys, a majority of them being graduates of eminent universities in China or overseas with over 10 years' experience in trademark practice and having attained professional proficiency recognition including the National Judicial Examination, Test for English Majors Grade Eight, Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Grade One, and China Trademark Association (CTA)'s trademark attorney proficiency test. And many of them are winners of CTA's Gold Medal Trademark Attorney and candidates on the list of CTA's talent pool, having received training in overseas law firms on trademark law of foreign jurisdictions and accumulated rich experience in trademark agency practice. Furthermore, CPA's trademark team has the support of the firm's 130-strong litigators, who can be of service in case of post-registration proceedings, in particular administrative and civil trademark litigation.

The service scope of the team covers trademark consultation, search and watch, application and renewal, assignment, changes, license recordation, opposition, cancellation, appeal for review, administrative litigation, customs recordation, customs action and protection, domain name registration and disputes, registration of copyright for works and software, and brand design, portfolio and strategy. Working languages of the team include English, Japanese, German, Chinese, and Cantonese.

The trademark team's clients range from individuals, start-ups to global 500 corporations from home and abroad. In terms of operation, the team is further divided into specialised units to focus respectively on trademark prosecution for foreign applicants, for mainland Chinese applicants, and for applications in Hong Kong and Macao, as well as for trademark litigation.  Leveraging the team members' familiarity of trademark laws and practices of China and other jurisdictions combined with extensive experience in full-range intellectual property (IP) services, CPA's trademark prosecution units provide clients with myriad trademark services and are particularly adept in advising enterprises on how to avoid risks, defuse obstacles, and formulate trademark portfolio and management strategy plans; and its trademark litigation unit provides trademark infringement consultation, and assist clients in administration litigation, and civil litigation; whereas Hong Kong and Macao unit's services cover trademark registration application and protection, search, opposition, cancellation and invalidation in Hong Kong and Macao, as well as global trademark services for Hong Kong and Macao applicants.

CPA's trademark team is frequently conferred the honour of outstanding team by domestically and internationally renowned IP magazines or legal research companies such as World Trademark Review (WTR), Managing Intellectual Property (MIP), Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific, The Trademark Lawyer, Asian Legal Business (ALB), China Business Law Journal, and Chambers and Partners. And a number of cases handled by the team were selected as typical cases by Beijing Intellectual Property Court and CTA.

CPA is currently vice chairman of CTA and deputy director of the Disciplinary and Rules Committee of the Trademark Agency Branch of CTA. It is named a gold medal demonstration firm for trademark agency services and an excellent trademark agency by CTA, and is among the first-batch authorised users of the CTA logo certification trademark.


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