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Service scope

Patent and trademark

Ÿ   Administrative proceedings, administrative litigation, and civil litigation involving confirmation of IP rights

Ÿ   Mediation and representing clients in disputes over IP protection in administrative, civil and criminal litigation

Ÿ   Drafting or review of agreements and contracts on IP trade and licensing

Ÿ   Providing legal opinions, representing clients on business negotiation and arbitration, advising enterprises on IP management service and IP strategy formulation

Ÿ   Patent reexamination and invalidation proceedings

Ÿ   Legal services for interested parties in patent disputes and infringement cases, including consultation, investigation and evidence collection, filing request for administrative mediation and enforcement, and institution of infringement litigation

Ÿ   Lawsuits directed to patent reexamination and patent invalidation decisions

Ÿ   Trademark opposition, review and adjudication, dispute determination, and administrative litigation

Ÿ   Trademark infringement litigation, administrative investigation, and related legal matters

Ÿ   IP due diligence

Ÿ   Customs recordation of patent and trademark

Ÿ   IP-related consultation, search and watch


Copyright and computer software

Ÿ   Copyright and computer software registration

Ÿ   Negotiation and conclusion of copyright license and assignment contracts

Ÿ   Copyright infringement litigation and related legal matters

Ÿ   Customs recordation of copyright


Unfair competition and trade secrets protection

Ÿ   Consultation on unfair competition and trade secrets protection

Ÿ   Institution of infringement litigation and related legal matters



Ÿ   Consultation on technical, legal, and trade matters in tech-trade transactions

Ÿ   Negotiation and conclusion of tech-trade contracts


Miscellaneous legal services

Ÿ   Domain name registration and disputes

Ÿ   Registration of integrated circuit layout designs

Ÿ   Other IP-related legal services



Service team

CPA has a strong legal service team, comprising 160-plus litigators from its Legal Affairs Department as well as various business departments across its headquarters and branch offices, among them 70-plus are attorneys-at-law. The Legal Affairs Department has 15 professionals, who all are graduates of eminent universities in China or abroad, with a majority of them having a doctoral or master's degree, whose specialties include machinery, chemistry, biology, electricity, communication, and law. Most members of the team have received training overseas and some of them have attained U.S. patent agent qualification. They are familiar with intellectual property (IP) laws of China, the United States, Japan, and Europe, and their working languages include Chinese, English, German, and Japanese. The team has won wide acclaim and recognition from clients and peers over the years, reflecting its effective synergy, robust knowledge base, profound understanding of laws, substantial practical experience, and remarkable performance in handling of cases.


CPA's legal service team commits to providing full-range, high-quality IP legal services to domestic and foreign clients, and both its contentious and non-contentious work are highly commended by clients. The team is well versed in very diversified technical fields including machinery manufacture, automatic control, automotive engineering, precision instruments, medical apparatus, life sciences, medicine, chemical industry, semiconductors, communication technology, image processing, and computer technology, and has particular strength in assisting clients in patent administrative and civil litigation, patent invalidation proceedings, patent stability and map analysis, freedom to operate analysis, trademark administrative litigation, trademark infringement disputes, copyright infringement disputes, administrative investigation , and domain name disputes. Our clients are from all corners of the world including China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, India, and Israel, and many among them are Global 500 companies and industry leaders.


CPA's legal service team has won numerous cases at the Supreme People's Court as well as local courts of various levels across the country including the courts of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Suzhou, Ningbo, and Hefei. The team is highly competent in devising the right strategies in accordance with the circumstances of individual cases to fight for clients' best interests. A number of cases handled by the team were landmark cases of the relevant technical fields, and there have been no lack of these cases being selected into Typical IP Cases of the Supreme People's Court, Annual Report on the IP Cases of the Supreme People's Court, Top Ten Cases of IP Judicial Protection of Beijing Courts, Typical Cases of Beijing Intellectual Property Court of the Year, and Top Ten Patent Reexamination and Invalidation Cases of the China National Intellectual Property Administration.


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