Carissa Huihui Li, Ph.D.
Deputy Department Manager
Tel: (86 10)8220 2358
Fax: (852) 2827 1018

Working Team
Patent Team (Chemistry, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutics), Legal Service Team

Chinese Patent Agent (2009)
Litigator recommended by the All-China Patent Attorneys Association (2016)
Passed Trademark Agent Training Examination of China Trademark Association (2016)
Certified Licensing Professional (CLP, 2018, certified by LES US)
Passed China National Legal Professional Qualification Examination (2018)
Passed Patent Agent Examination of USPTO (2018)

Education and Training
Bachelor's degree in science in biotechnology, School of Life Sciences of Shandong University,
Ph.D. degree in cell biology, School of Life Sciences, Peking University, 2007
Studied graduate courses of the civil and commercial law in the Civil and Commercial Law School of China University of Political Science and Law from 2010 to 2012
Master's degree in law in intellectual property,
John Marshall Law School, US, 2017
Studied advanced courses of industrial economics in the Department of Finance and Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences from 2018 to 2020

Received training on the US patent system in a US law firm in 2014

Work Experience
Worked at Duke University Medical Center/Howard Hughes Medical Institute, US
as postdoctoral fellow from 2007 to 2008
Worked at Beijing Jeekai Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. as patent engineer from 2008 to 2010
Joined China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. in 2010,
worked in the Chemical and Biotech Department and the Legal Department successively, as patent attorney, lawyer, trademark attorney, senior intellectual property litigation expert, and deputy manager of the legal department
Selected into the 21st batch of Doctoral Service Group by central government, and served as the secretary-general of the 21st batch of Hainan Doctoral Service Group in 2021

Service Area
Patent Agency, Trademark Agency, Legal Services

Technical Backgroud
Healthcare Tech, Clean Energy & Advanced Materials, Chemical Engineering, Inorganic materials and Polymer materials, Pharmaceuticals and Pesticides, Biotechnology and Life sciences, Cosmetics and Food

Practice Area
Patent Application Consultation, Patent Search, Patent Mining, Patent Map, Patent Portfolio Planning, Patent Application Strategy Formulation, Drafting Patent Application Documents, Preparing and Filing Patent Application (Including Domestic Patent Applications, PCT Applications and Foreign Patent Applications), Reporting and Responding to Office Action , Patent Administrative Reconsideration, Patent Reexamination, Patent Invalidation, Patent Administrative Litigation, Patent Infringement Litigation, Patent Civil Litigation, Third Party Opinions/Public Opinions, Patent Validity Analysis, Patent Infringement Analysis, Free to Operation Analysis (FTO), Administrative Investigation and Handling of Patent Infringement, Patent Ownership Disputes, Patent Maintenance, Patent Licensing/Assignment, Patent Pledge Registration, Trademark Administrative Litigation, Trademark Civil Litigation, Administrative Protection Against Trademark Infringement (Investigation and Handling/Anti-Counterfeiting ), Trademark Search, Trademark Watch, Trademark Co-Existence Agreement (Letter of Consent) Negotiation, Trademark Trading/Assignment Negotiation, Domain Name Registration/Renewal/Transfer, Domain Name Arbitration (Domain Name Disputes), Copyright Recordation for Works, Copyright Recordation for Software, Copyright Civil Litigation, Administrative Protection Against Copyright Infringement , Customs Recordation of Intellectual Property Rights, Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Protection of Intellectual Property Rights at Exhibition, Intellectual Property Strategy Consulting, Intellectual Property Protection Strategy, Intellectual Property Training, Intellectual Property Assignment, Intellectual Property Licensing, Intellectual Property Operation, Intellectual Property Value Assessment, Intellectual Property-Related Legal Advice, Intellectual Property Infringement Risk Assessment, Intellectual Property Infringement Analysis, Intellectual Property Infringement Investigation, Intellectual Property Due Diligence, Intellectual Property Contract Drafting and Review, Risk Management and Loss Control, Intellectual Property -Related Notarization, Internet and Social Media Intellectual Property Protection, Other Legal Matters Related to Intellectual Property, Preparing and Filing Patent Application (Including Domestic Patent Applications, PCT Applications and Foreign Patent Applications), Intellectual Property-Related Dispute Resolution, Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration, Intellectual Property Contract Drafting and Review, Risk Management and Loss Control

Personal Achievements
Huihui Li. OEM Defense for Trademark Infringement after “Dongfeng” Case. China Patents & Trademarks 2019 Jan; 1 (EN-CN)
Huihui Li. Reviewing New Patent System in China: on the fourth amendment. Journal of Towa Institute of Intellectual Property. 2016 Oct;Vol.8 No.2: 42-45 (JP-EN)
Huihui Li, Pu Meng. Discussion on the Principle of Giving Priority to Agreement on Reward and Remuneration for Service Inventions. China Patents & Trademarks 2016 Jan; 1: 37-50 (EN-CN)
Huihui Li. Introduction to the Fourth Revision of Chinese Patent Law. China Patents & Trademarks 2015 Jul; 3: 54-65 (EN-CN)
Huihui Li. Changes in the patent examination on stem cells: Article 5 of Chinese Patent Law. 5th Annual Meeting of Chinese Patent Attorney Association, 2014. (CN)
Huihui Li. Changes in chemical patent application by 3rd amendment of Chinese Patent Law. 1st Annual Meeting of Chinese Patent Attorney Association, 2010. (CN)
Huihui Li, Yan Guo, Mingxiao Ding, Albert Cheung Hoi Yu and Jianguo Chen. 14-3-3γ affects dynamics and integrity of glial filaments by binding to phosphorylated GFAP. J. Cell Sci. 2006 Nov 1; 119(Pt 21): 4452-61. (EN)
Junying Miao, Baoxiang Zhao, Huihui Li, Shangli Zhang and Chunqing Du. Effect of safrole oxide on vascular endothelial cell growth and apoptosis induced by deprivation of fibroblast growth factor. Acta Pharmacol Sin. 2002 Apr; 23(4):323-6. (EN)

Representative Cases
Hosted a number of patent invalidation and litigation cases of important drugs, diagnostic reagents, chemical equipment, and medical devices; the hosted cases were selected into the "Top Ten Cases of Intellectual Property Judicial Protection of Beijing Courts of the Year" and "Top Ten Cases of Patent Reexamination and Invalidation of the State Intellectual Property Office of the Year"。

Member of the Chinese Group of AIPPI, Member of Licensing Executives Society China, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Q248 (IP Commercialization) of the Chinese Group of AIPPI


Chinese, English, German, Cantonese

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