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Rongxin Li
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Working Team
Patent Team (Electronics, Electricity & Physics), Legal Service Team

Patent Attorney (2014)
Attorney-at-Law (2018)

Education and Training
LL.B. in civil and commercial law, Jilin University, 2004
LL.M. in civil and commercial law, Jilin University, 2007
B.S. in Computer Science and Technology, Changchun University of Science and Technology, 2012

Work Experience
Joined CPA in 2007

Service Area
Patent Agency, Trademark Agency, Legal Services

Technical Background
Computer and Network Technology

Practice Area
Patent Invalidation, Patent Administrative Litigation, Patent Infringement Litigation, Patent Civil Litigation, Third Party Opinions/Public Opinions, Patent Validity Analysis, Patent Infringement Analysis, Free to Operation Analysis (FTO), Administrative Investigation and Handling of Patent Infringement, Patent Ownership Disputes, Patent Maintenance, Patent Licensing/Assignment, Patent Pledge Registration, Trademark Administrative Litigation, Trademark Civil Litigation, Administrative Protection Against Trademark Infringement (Investigation and Handling/Anti-Counterfeiting ), Trademark Trading/Assignment Negotiation, Domain Name Arbitration (Domain Name Disputes), Copyright Civil Litigation, Administrative Protection Against Copyright Infringement , Customs Recordation of Intellectual Property Rights, Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Protection of Intellectual Property Rights at Exhibition, Criminal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights , Intellectual Property Strategy Consulting, Intellectual Property Protection Strategy, Intellectual Property Training, Intellectual Property Assignment, Intellectual Property Licensing, Intellectual Property Operation, Intellectual Property-Related Legal Advice, Intellectual Property-Related Dispute Resolution, Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration, Intellectual Property Infringement Risk Assessment, Intellectual Property Infringement Analysis, Intellectual Property Infringement Investigation, Intellectual Property Due Diligence, Intellectual Property Contract Drafting and Review, Risk Management and Loss Control, Intellectual Property -Related Notarization, Internet and Social Media Intellectual Property Protection, Other Legal Matters Related to Intellectual Property

Personal Achievements
Participated in the Research Project on the Amendment to the Implementing Regulations of the Chinese Patent Law in 2007
Published several academic articles in famed IP journals

Representative Cases
-Represented a European enterprise, as the main coordinator and attorney-at-law, in infringement disputes involving patents, trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property rights and in patent invalidations spanning the last decade between the enterprise and a number of Chinese enterprises, achieving a series of results in favor of the client through litigation, administrative investigation, settlement and other procedures;
- Represented a Japanese company in a series of administrative litigation relating to trademark invalidation disputes, all of which resulted in favorable outcomes, protecting the client's major brands from malicious trademark registrations and paving the way for the company to tap into the Chinese market.

Member of All-China Patent Attorneys Association
Member of ICC Task Force on Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy


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