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Tao LI, Ph.D.
Deputy Department Manager
Tel: (86 10) 8220 2276
Fax: (852) 2827 1018

Working Team
Patent Team (Mechanics & Designs), Legal Service Team

In 2007, Dr. LI received the qualification of (Patent and Trademark) associate researcher of CCPIT
In 2010, Dr. LI received the qualification certificate of Patent Attorney in People's Republic of China
In 2011, Dr. LI received the practice qualification of Patent Attorney in People's Republic of China

Education and Training
Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, University of Science & Technology, Beijing, 1999-2003
Master's degree in Surface Science and Corrosion Engineering, University of Science & Technology, Beijing, 1996-1999

IP trainings in German and US Law Offices, received in 2010 and 2016 respectively

Work Experience
Worked as patent attorney in Mechanical & Design Department in CPA from 2003 to 2014.
Worked in Legal Affairs Department in CPA since 2014.

Service Area
Legal Services

Technical Background
Manufacturing & Industrials, Automotive, Transportation & Logistics, Optics & Instruments, Healthcare Tech, Clean Energy & Advanced Materials, Consumer Goods & Smart Tech, Chemical Engineering, Cosmetics and Food

Practice Area
Patent Search, Patent Invalidation, Patent Administrative Litigation, Patent Infringement Litigation, Patent Civil Litigation, Third Party Opinions/Public Opinions, Patent Validity Analysis, Patent Infringement Analysis, Free to Operation Analysis (FTO), Administrative Investigation and Handling of Patent Infringement, Patent Ownership Disputes, Patent Licensing/Assignment, Other Legal Matters Related to Intellectual Property

Personal Achievements
1.In the ranking of the Asia Pacific region released by the international authoritative legal rating guide "the legal 500" at the beginning of 2019, Dr. LI has been ranked among the leading individuals in the field of intellectual property, and has been rated as one of the top 10 leading individuals in the field of intellectual property in China.
2.As a co-author, the paper "comparative study on the calculation of damages in patent infringement litigation" won the third prize of the 10th National Intellectual Property excellent investigation and Research Report and excellent soft research achievements collection activity of the State Intellectual Property Office.
3. At the East Meets West 2019 International Conference hosted by the EPO in Vienna, Austria, Dr. LI together with the senior IP expert from a renowned multinational enterprise gave a special presentation, introduced the latest development of China's IP courts, and answered questions from the audience, which received good responses.
4. Dr. LI showed his expert opinions on the theme of "New Progress of China's Intellectual Property Court" in the March 2021 issue of ASIA IP magazine.
5. As the reporter, Dr. LI successfully completed the preparation of the questionnaire "Quantification of monetary relief" for the special report of AIPPI 2017 Sydney World Congress, and Dr. LI went to Sydney, Australia in October 2017 to participate in the AIPPI 2017 World Congress as the reporter of the China Group, and participated in the resolution making, discussion and voting of the Special Working Committee.
6. As a major member of the research team, Dr. LI successfully completed the research task of "Research on International Intellectual Property Hotspots (2017)" assigned by the State Intellectual Property Office.
7. As the moderator, Dr. LI successfully presided the group discussions of Session X (on Partial Design) in 2023 AIPPI China Youth IP Seminar held in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province.

Representative Cases
- Represented a Chinese subsidiary (plaintiff) of a European manufacturing enterprise in an invention patent infringement case, obtaining a successful outcome. In this case, we provided the court with an important basis for the refined and scientific calculation of the compensation amount, and ultimately the court fully supported our claims for a compensation amount of RMB 6 million;
-?Represented a Chinese subsidiary of a European manufacturing enterprise (applicant for customs protection and plaintiff) in a customs protection case connected to a case of invention patent infringement dispute, obtaining a successful outcome. This case was included in the twelve typical intellectual property cases of the Tianjin Court and was also selected as an IP case in Asia of the year by Asia IP magazine;
-?Represented a European manufacturing enterprise (plaintiff in the first instance and appellee in the second instance) in two design patent infringement cases, obtaining successful results. In these cases, we cleverly combined the evidences of the accused infringing products with other relevant evidences to ensure that the accused infringing product evidences were accepted by the Court, thus avoiding the need to request for notarized preservation of the evidences of the accused infringing products;
-?Represented a Chinese subsidiary (defendant) of a Japanese manufacturing enterprise win a utility model patent infringement case. Through our unremitting efforts, the plaintiff's utility model patent was successfully invalidated at the earliest possible time, ultimately forcing the plaintiff to withdraw the infringement lawsuit, thereby best protecting the goodwill and other legitimate rights and interests of the Japanese client in China;
- Represented a Japanese manufacturing enterprise (defendant) in two invention patent infringement cases and related invention patent invalidation cases, and in subsequent invention patent administrative litigation. Through careful and targeted study and analysis of these cases as well as relevant laws and regulations, we accurately foresaw the most likely direction of the cases, and on this basis advised the client with correct and targeted response strategies, provided detailed consultations, made efforts on all possible fronts, and implemented subsequent legal actions. In the end, the Japanese client successfully reached a settlement with the domestic competitor (plaintiff), thus achieving a result satisfactory to the client;
-?Represented a well-known European manufacturing enterprise (invalidation request petitioner), achieving consecutive victories in dozens of patent invalidation request cases against numerous domestic competitors, thus effectively safeguarding the client's goodwill and related legitimate rights and interests in China, while suppressing the large-scale plagiarism and infringement actions by domestic competitors;
- Represented a European manufacturing enterprise (administrative reconsideration applicant) in a subsequent relief case regarding a case of change in bibliographic items of a patent application, assisting the client in defending its rights and interests via patent administrative reconsideration procedure;
- Represented several important international clients in patent administrative cases against the Chinese Patent Office's reexamination decisions of upholding the rejection decisions, achieving victories in a dozen patent cases with a reversal rate higher than the statistical average, thereby successfully protecting the client's legitimate rights and interests.

Member of the Chinese Group of AIPPI, Member of All-China Patent Attorneys Association, Member of China Intellectual Property Society, Member of Q198 (IP and Green Technology) of the Chinese Group of AIPPI


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