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Dongli Zhang
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Working Team
Trademark Team

Trademark Attorney (2015)
Patent Attorney (2014)
Attorney-at-Law (2009)
TEM-8 (2007)

Education and Training
B.A. in English, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, 2007
LLM, University of International Business and Economics Law School, 2010
B.S. in Food Quality and Safety, China Agricultural University, 2013

Work Experience
Joined CPA as trademark attorney and patent attorney in 2010

Service Area
Trademark Agency, Patent Agency, Legal Services

Technical Background
Cosmetics and Food

Practice Area
Trademark Registration Consultation, Trademark Registration Application, Madrid International Registration Application , Renewal, Assignment, Changes and Subsequent Designation of Madrid International Registration , Application for Three-year Non-Use Cancellation, Review of Trademark Cancellation, Review of Trademark Refusal, Review of Disapproval of Trademark Registration, Trademark Opposition Application, Trademark Invalidation , Review of Madrid International Trademark Refusal, Opposition Against Madrid International Trademark Application, Trademark Administrative Review, Trademark Administrative Litigation, Trademark Civil Litigation, Trademark Search, Trademark Watch, Trademark Co-Existence Agreement (Letter of Consent) Negotiation, Trademark Trading/Assignment Negotiation, Domain Name Registration/Renewal/Transfer, Domain Name Arbitration (Domain Name Disputes), Copyright Recordation for Works, Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Property Protection Strategy, Intellectual Property Assignment, Intellectual Property Licensing, Intellectual Property-Related Legal Advice


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