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Patent Application Drafted by CPA Selected as National Exemplary Invention Patent Application Draftings 2023

On 22 December 2023, the All-China Patent Attorneys Association (ACPPA) announced the results of National Exemplary Invention Patent Draftings 2023. The selection identified 60 pieces of invention patent application draftings through anonymous review among the 566 entries this year. China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. (CPA) is glad to share that an invention patent application entitled "Reactor and System Useful for Catalytic Conversion of Hydrocarbon Oils" (Patent No. 201910892918.4) written by our attorneys Mr. Ma Weijun and Mr. Zhou Qihong was selected as an exemplary work, among the 15 selected draftings in the field of chemistry.


To prepare for the drafting of the application, our attorneys studied the technical disclosure documents, conducted in-depth communication with the inventors, and carried out thorough novelty search, so as to fully understand the core concepts of the invention and the key features that implement the inventive concepts. And on this basis, they proceeded to create the independent claims and corresponding dependent claims that adhere closely to the inventive concepts for the various subject matters to be protected, which afford clear limitation for the technical solutions of the invention, largest possible scope of protection, and all-round, multi-level protection of the invention.


For the description section, our attorneys' meticulous depiction of the technical contents of the invention facilitates technical personnel's understanding of the technical solutions of the invention, and also serves as a competent basis for the construction and amendments of the claims. In respect of the technical solutions defined in the claims, embodiments and comparative examples were studiously selected and designed to verify through the experimental results thereof the unanticipated synergistic effects brought by the invention, and to provide sufficient support for the protection scope of the claims. Thanks to the elaborate pre-drafting preparation and careful drafting of the claims and description, the invention patent application was granted in the absence of substantive amendments to the technical solutions of the claims during the substantive examination process.


To us, our attorneys' patent application drafting being recognised as an exemplary work is the result of our firm's consistent commitment to and emphasis on quality and best service as well as our adherence to collaboration and teamwork. Over the past four decades since establishment, CPA has built a patent service team with more than 200 high-level patent professionals providing whole-chain patent services, from search and analysis, patent mining and portfolio management, application drafting and filing, to patent reexamination, invalidation and litigation. The technical fields covered by our services are extensive, among them computers, communications, electronics, physics, machinery, chemistry, materials, medicine, and biology. Leveraging the collaborative resources and synergy of our outstanding professional talents, our firm is adept at solving difficult problems and finding the best solution while ensuring both efficiency and quality in providing service to our clients.


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